Products & Services

Whatever the form, function or environment Custom Poles Australia can design, engineer, manufacture and install poles and to meet your requirements. Design


We work closely with Engineers, Architects and our clients  to provide engineered solutions that reflect aesthetics, function and serviceability.

To this end, we offer 

  • Design Engineering via Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) certification to ensure project requirements and compliance with Australian Standards
  • CAD Drawing
  • Geotechnical soil testing for foundations
  • Installation of foundation systems, poles and associated accessories and pole top hardware and infrastructure
  • Lighting Design
  • Supply and Installation


Custom Poles Australia offers the following range of products

  • Lighting Poles for streets, roads and pathways, sportfields, carparks, gantry walkways and building fascias
  • CCTV Poles for Security and Camera applications
  • Telecommunications Poles
  • Power Distribution Poles for incoming power supply, temporary site power, aerial reticulation and others
  • Footings, foundation and connection hardware assemblies for in ground cages, rag bolts and ground anchors